Welcome to the Bukit Tunku Residents' Association

Looking after the community and environment of Bukit Tunku and Taman Duta in Kuala Lumpur.

BTRA Security Patrols

looking after Bukit Tunku and Taman Duta

Security Scheme

Our security scheme is in its eighth year of operation and we are pleased to announce that none of our subscribers reported any security incidents in the last 24 months.

Last November, we added a motorcycle to complement the single patrol car, giving greater visibility and coverage. The motorcycle operates from 11pm to 7am whereas the car continues to be a 12-hour service, commencing at 7pm each night. Subscribers can expect nine visits each night, consisting of five clockings and four drive-by patrols.

While patrols are not a perfect security solution, we believe the visibility and consistency they offer do provide a tangible deterrent. Your sub-committee continues to uphold quality of service in our security scheme and we hope that satisfied members will encourage their friends and neighbours to support this service. A larger subscriber base will lower the cost for each paying member and we can then get a second patrol car in the area. Please also remember that tenants in rented properties are welcome to join the BTRA and the security scheme, it is not just for property owners in the area.


RM250 a month, paid a year in advance. In the event of early termination, the unexpired balance shall be refunded, less RM100 administrative charge.

Security Task Force Contact

For more information, please contact Gan Tee Jin (gantj@streamyx.com).

Please return this portion with your payment. You will receive a sign and an electronic tag, to be mounted on the gate, gate post or a nearby wall, and the guards’ contact details after we receive your cheque. The sign and electronic tag are properties of BTRA, and must be returned if your subscription is terminated.

Amount: RM 3,000 for twelve months.

Payee: Bukit Tunku Residents’ Association – Security

Forward to:  Gan Tee Jin,

35 Langgak Tunku,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

Subscriber’s name

BTRA Member?  (Y/N)

If not, you need to become a member first. Please contact John Smurthwaite, bukit.tunku.residents@gmail.com for a membership form

Bank & Cheque No: Amount:

House Address:


House & mobile phones

1   .

2 .





To enable the Caller-Line Identification system to trace your emergency calls, please give us a list of the phone numbers that might be used to call the guards. Note that if your mobile phone does not send out its ID and displays “Private number” at the receiving end, then your call cannot be traced.

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