Welcome to the Bukit Tunku Residents' Association

Looking after the community and environment of Bukit Tunku and Taman Duta in Kuala Lumpur.

Come recycle on Wednesdays

There is a truck parked in the Selangor properties car park (Taman Tunku shops near Sid’s Pub and CIMB Bank) to collect your recyclables on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 4-6pm.

This is what they collect (with small payments for aluminium cans etc):



Cardboard boxes, brown paper

Computer paper A4, A3 and A1

Mixed paper (books, comics, envelopes, junk mail, coloured paper)

Beverage cartons (Tetrapak and milk cartons)

Aluminium cans (drink cans)

Steel and Tin food cans and milo cans

Glass bottles and glass jars

Mixed plastic bottles — shampoo, detergents etc

Computer monitor/printer/CPU

If you have any queries you can call KK Recycle direct on 012 6610667


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